4 comments on “Is anyone else getting worried?

  1. Brent I am so with you. I am totally worried too. There are just so many unsustainable elements at play that 30 years from now I think we will all be living a very different existence. The Euro, capitalism, climate, population, starvation, the US and China will all play a role in both the end and beginning of a new era. That and the zombies, mustn’t forget the zombies.

  2. I agree with all of those. The nuclear war – the amount of weapons out there, and as you said, many went missing, if this were to happen, there would be nothing left at the end (at least I’m hoping so if it ever happened), but then, there could be a small band of suvivors and some zombie mutated humnas… (not making light of the scenario, just a very very vague possibility). The diseases – does art mimic life or vice cersa, with all the movies around of these things happening, it is likely it could happen. i could go on, but you don’t want an essay from me. 🙂

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