18 comments on “The painless slide into adulthood

  1. Amen! as a person a decade beyond you, I recently found myself having this internal discussion as well, but while I no longer like EVERY new band that comes out, I do still like new music. And the movies? Man what a bunch of over CGI’d group that is. Transformers 3 was too explosion happy. I felt like I was Shia LeBouf’s character at the end of that and all I did was sit there for 30 minutes longer than necessary.

  2. Well thank you for that, Brent! I now feel old and I’m a decade behind you! I hate most new music, I can’t stand the thought of CDs being obsolete, I miss the old shows! The shows nowadays are rubbish, the music doesn’t mean anything, and the movies are reruns!! What is this world coming to?? And I remember game boys before they were color. I’m seriously depressed now. But great post anyway!

  3. I too swore that I would never be out of touch, but my husband (37) and I (rapidly approaching 35) rant about today’s music constantly, I still own (and play) my original NES, and I can’t figure out why all of the movies that I loved when I was a kid need to be remade – weren’t the originals good enough? (And P.S. – Michael Bay should be ashamed of himself. ALIENS? They’re mutants, dude!! That’s the whole point!)

  4. Great post! Even though I didnt go through what you are going through right now,I know the feeling of how the world around you changes. And Its not just your age which makes you stop and think for a while, there are other things too. Great post, enjoyed reading.

  5. I am almost a decade ahead of you. You are not supposed to feel old! You are supposed to listen to Bryan Adams belt out “18 Till I Die” and believe in it! You are supposed to be your teenage kids’ friend so you can stay up to date, if you don’t have teenage kids ( as in your kids are much younger) then you aren’t old anyways. You go out and befriend the neighborhood teens, they will think you are
    weird at first then they will start to realize how cool you are because you refuse to grow old! 30 is not old because if it is…that means I am, God forbid, ancient!

  6. Old school video games were the bomb. While the graphics would make me dizzy now, I’d play them again any day! Ben 10, Mario Super Kart, Kirby Mass Attack has got nothing on Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, Contra, Donkey Kong and the original Mario. I can still remember making Mario kick the step 100 thousand times on some level so his life would be never ending! The game would go on for hours… Anyways, thanks for the trip down Memory Lane!

  7. You know you’re old when you have to ask your teenage kids to help with computer issues and how to use an ipod!! I have felt the same way for a good ten years now (and I have that much on you). Old school is good, but you gotta at least attempt to keep up with your kids…(if only to understand what the hell they are saying!
    If I didn’t say it before. congrats on the FP!! and after only 2 weeks too.

  8. I a way younger then you. That would make me feel young, only i have no idea what you mentioned other then mario cart and cd. Now i feel old, just ‘cuz i like cds.

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