5 comments on “My wife liked star wars?

  1. Christ I wish I could have turned that trick on my wife with Lost – and she started me watching it – then declared it boring and got the Sudoku book out everytime I put it on

  2. My H2B is a nerd. He loves all of his star something programmes. They all seem the same to me. Star Wars, Star Trek, Star what-do-you-call-it. I guess for me they all merge into one because i’ve never really watched any of them.

    I’m a Love actually and Transporter girl. Rom-com or Action films for me, not fantasy ones. But you never know if he one day puts the effort into showing me the trekkie way maybe I will begin to see the light.

  3. My husband likes Star Wars, Star Trek, MASH, and he played Dungeons and Dragons. I will admit I do like the Star Wars movies but I’m not the super fan he is. He even has a Darth Vader Halloween costume he wears every year LOL He always bugs me to dress as Princess Leia too.

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