9 comments on “A sad day in comedy

  1. My brother’s best friend once introduced me to someone as “the person that introduced me to Mitch Hedberg”.
    Definitely a great comic – very sad that he’s gone. I can’t believe it’s been so many years! And, yeah, I still laugh just as hard at the same jokes, too.

  2. What more can be said except, “Ducks eat for free at Subway”. I loved his delievery and unique perspective on every day events. Like when a restaraunt calls out a parties name and no one comes to claim the table so they call out someone else’s name, “How can you eat at a time like this! People are missing!” Great post.

  3. He was wonderful. Truly unique, especially in his delivery. Thanks for reminding me of a master. I’ll be sure to look him up again in the coming days.

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